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Frail care

Facilities and services for frail care and assisted living
It is one of the greatest honours of life to care for those who once cared for us. For the personnel of Elleo this is a passion and a calling. We want our facilities to feel like a family house.
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Services Rendered
At the Elleo facilities frail care and assisted living services are provided. All meals, cleaning, assistance with washing, daily laundry, WiFi internet, 24/7 security monitoring, access to sister, doctor and ambulance are provided. This is a brief list of services that we render at our facilities. Follow the link below for more information.
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Activities provided at our facilities
Activities is a very important aspect of the services we provide to residents. Activities includes weekly visit to a shop and coffee shop, bingo, dancing, board games, television, exercise and from time-to-time we do big projects like visiting table mountain.
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God with us
Immanuel is not directly affiliated with any church or welfare organisation. However, we are Christians and as such has a responsibility to care for people. We are not perfect, but we honestly try our best. Although we have a strong Christian point of view we respect residents who does not share our passion for Christ. It is also important to us to respect the requirements and needs of people from other religions.
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Immanuel - our main facility

Immanuel was opened in April 2015. The facility has 21 beds divided between bedrooms of 1, 3 and 4 beds.

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Services and Products

At Elleo not only the health but also the well-being of residents are important to us. Most importantly, we aim to provide it at an affordable price. To achieve this, we have developed a programme that is build on a number of equal important legs.

Our Facilities

Immanuel is our main caring facility, located in Oak Glen Belville. It has various rooms of single, 3 and 4 beds. Full time staff take care of all the needs of the residents. We wish that residents will see the facility as a home and go through great efforts to accommodate residents where we can


Many elderly does not have close family. Friends are few as most of them also struggle with challenges that comes with ageing. Our Adopt-a-Granny programme is the cornerstone of our efforts to improve the well-being of our residents specifically where some of them are very lonely.

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