Adopt-a-Granny Program 

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Adopt-a-Granny Program

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Many elderly does not have close family.  Friends are few as most of them also struggle with challenges that comes with ageing.  Our Adopt-a-Granny programme is the cornerstone of our efforts to improve the well-being of our residents specifically where some of them are very lonely.

Why do we have this programme?

When our personnel wants residents to play Bingo or some other game with them, it rarely happens that someone is interested.  When the angels from Sarmie Mommiez get involved, everyone is interested and exited.  Residents thrives when people from outside are involved with them.  They do not think or worry so much about their cranking knees and other ailments.  We as carers struggle to create the same level of excitement, but outside people can.

What is expected of you?

Just be involved.  For example, we took all relative mobile residents to Table Mountain.  Nobody could sleep the night before due to all the excitement.  We needed a hand by some of our Adopt-a-Granny angels to assist with wheel chairs and it worked just wonderful.

Some Adopt-a-Granny angels just sit down and talk with our residents while enjoying a cup of tea on the house.  The most important thing is to get involved.

Who can get involved?

Any person who have some skill, for example aerobics, knitting, etc.  Bear in mind that not all people can do anything anymore and some activities might be too strenuous for our residents, but discuss it with us and we can figure it out.  Church groups, charity organisation, neighbours, anybody is welcomed.  For obvious reasons, our sister in charge will vet everything and make sure that activities are appropriate and to the benefit of our residents.

Will it cost me anything?

This is a voluntary effort so we will not be able to cover all cost, but we will carry the cost for most direct expenses such as the prices for Bingo.  The most important thing is to approach us so that we can discuss your ideas.

OK, I am interested, what do I do now?

Contact us (our contact details are at the top of the page).  We can sit down or if it is a group, we can come and visit you so that we can discuss your possible involvement.

It does not matter how mundane you think your involvement are, every small effort makes a difference in the lives of people that really needs it.