Sarmie Mommiez 

021 300 1034

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Sarmie Mommiez

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The organization was founded on the 13th March 2012 by Cheryl Wilson and a small group of ladies, who saw the need to actively get involved to help those who cannot help themselves. The organization has grown with leaps and bounds and now boast several volunteer sarmie Mommiez and Daddiez. They help raise funds, raise awareness, raise morale and raise spirits by “responsibly helping” those in need. sarmie Mommiez and Daddiez get together regularly on a Thursday evening to butter and spread sandwiches for various charities.  The sarmie Mommiez outreach program also provides 80 litres of soup per week enabling them to feed 120 elderly and infirm people of Ruyterwacht, and those in need. sarmie Mommiez are currently volunteering to uplift and enable two floors at the Tygerberg Children’s Hospital.

sarmie mommiez plays Bingo at Immanuel every Monday morning and is a cause of much laughter and fun.  While the Bingo is going, some residents (and personnel) help to spread breads that sarmie mommiez distribute to shelters and schools.  The bread is sponsored by Immanuel.