Question 1. When is the best time to place my parent in a frail care facility?

There is no correct answer and it depends much on the circumstances of the family and their parents.  We suggest to rather err on the side of too early than too late.  The following is some pointers as to when it is a suitable time:

  1. Does my parent eat health and enough?
  2. Do my parent reliantly take their medicine as prescribed by a doctor?
  3. Do my parent drink enough liquids?
  4. How is the general hygiene of my parent, both on their person and on their environment.  This is an important pointer.
  5. Are they able to walk and go to the toilet without assistance?

Very important:  We quite often sees where a person whom suffers from dementia, the stress on their spouse because of the situation and the care work is seriously detrimental to the spouse's health.  Parents wish to hide early signs of dementia to their children and is surprising effective in doing so.  If children are not visiting their parents often and for long periods, it is very difficult for them to discover it early.  It is better for a person with dementia to enter a frail care or other suitable facility rather earlier than later as the adjustment to the new environment is stressful for a dementia person.