Question 3. How often can I visit my parents?

Except for during the Covid-19 pandemic, our visiting hours are:

Morning 10:00 to 11:30

Afternoon 14:00 to 16:00

We try to avoid visitors outside visiting hours as during those time personnel are busy serving meals and washing residents.  However if a visit is required outside visiting hours please inform the facility management and they will make arrangements.

Another consideration is that when a person enters a facility, we always request the family to avoid visiting their parent in the first two weeks.  Residents really rebel against the thought that they must enter a frail care facility.  They feel that their final independence are taken away.  The first two weeks is tough for everybody especially with dementia residents.

COVID-19 arrangements:  No visits in any of the facilities are allowed.  We have a safe area where visits are allowed on appointment.  This is very frustrating for all involved, but we have to protect residents.  This policy can change very quickly based on the thread level.