Our team consists of ENA's, carers, cleaners, a cook and garden worker.  Relations based obligations lacks dignity.  We want all team members to share our passion to work with the elderly and not to see work as a necessary evil.  We wish them never to underestimate the challenges they are facing with care-giving, but also never to doubt in their ability to deal with the challenges.  We believe that family is not the most important thing, we believe it is everything.  Out team must become a second family for the residents especially those whose loved ones are not close.

Training is important and therefore plays a major role in our day-to-day business activities.  We have a very specific training programme where we do not only train employees on processes, techniques and methods as practised by Elleo, but we also train them on our ethos, principles and values.  We have a very specific quality improvement programme where team members also make suggestions on how to improve our work.

Mareike Visser

Position: Reflexologist
Location: Immanuel

Mareike studied reflexology and The Reflexology International Academy of Reflexology and registrated at the Allied Health Profession Council of South Africa.

Therapeutic Reflexology helps the body to balance itself. In the elderly it works excellent for blood pressure, elimination and control of edema, promoting circulation, stimulation of the central nerve system. Specifically in people suffering from Altzheimers, dementia and strokes, it comforts and brings pain relieve for cancer patients, relaxation and a balanced system. Further more, Mareike sees to the hygiene of all the patients total foot and toenail care.