I am the daughter of Mrs Dorette Herselman in the care of Huis Immanuel since August 2015. My mother had to go for care after a stroke. We were at 16 different places and Immanuel was number 17. There is a garden, free movement without bars, and human dignity. Of course there were adjustments as with any new situation, and it was sorted out to everyone's interest and still within the rules. I am very happy and have the opportunity to chat with Liana van der Merwe or Sister Yolande at any time. My mother mixes and chats with other people, previously refusing to engage with any senior program. She had 2 opportunities to move to a retirement village closer to the sea, with her own room. She rejected both.

Susan van Dyk

Immanuel has kept up his name ... God with us ... In April 2015 when Immanuel opened its doors, it was a haven for us after my father died and my dear mother stayed behind with advanced Altzheimers. In Immanuel we found a true home where Mamma is cared for in a warm home atmosphere with love and compassion. It is a home of security and care where every inhabitant, how helplessly, is treated humanely.

Anneli Burger

My wife is in a very advanced stage of vascular dementia, unable to stand, walk and talk. She can not feed herself any longer and does not recognise me or anyone else. Huis Immanuel is taking care of her in the best way imaginable. The care and nursing she is receiving there is superior. Putting my wife into Huis Immanuel's care is the best choice I could have made.

Dieter Schminke