Services and Products 

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Services and Products

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Housing and nursing of residents in need of permanent frail care

At Elleo not only the health but also the well-being of residents are important to us.  Most importantly, we aim to provide it at an affordable price.  To achieve this, we have developed a programme that is build on a number of equal important legs:

  • A frail care plan is developed for each resident based on their unique needs.  The plan is drawn up by our sister in charge with inputs from the resident's family and doctors.  This is done right at the start when the resident joins us and is adjusted as time progress.
  • Regularly check ups is done on all residents and all information is recorded.  Special efforts are taken to ensure that residents drink their medicine as per the schedule.  This includes verifying that patients actually swallowed their medication (a very common problem).
  • Specially dietary requirements is accommodated as far as possible.  However, note that "I don't like vegetables" is not a dietary requirement.  Our menu's were developed by a registered dietitian.  We find that many bedridden patients that arrives with us start walking again just because we ensure that everybody eats properly.
  • We promote that people use their own furniture as far as possible.  We will go out of our way to hang pictures of their loved ones on their walls.
  • We understand that people who enter our facilities quite often feels they are robbed of their freedom.  For us it is important to walk the road with both family and resident.  We therefore do not have visiting hours, we only request that visitors are thoughtful and conscientious during meal times and bath times as our personnel are extremely busy during those periods.  We also go out of our way to take residents regularly on field trips such as table mountain, local nurseries, coffee shops.  Depending on the field trip we also include a trip once a week to the local SPAR.

Housing and nursing of patients recuperating from operations

Patients that recuperates after operations or requires temporary care due to health reasons can also be accommodated. We maintain full caring records and history tracking including medication control.  We provide at no cost a full report to doctors on their patient's welfare which allow them to adjust treatment as necessary.

Household services for the elderly

  • Cleaning of houses, flats and rooms 
  • Procurement of normal groceries
  • Provision and delivery of cooked meals
  • Pickup and washing of clothes
  • Medical care such as bloodpressure tests and general health audits


  • Provision of nursing personnel for 24 hour care in private houses.
  • Package will be tailored as required by the special needs of the patients and their families.